About The Platter

The Platter is a new project from the same folks that bring you Beautiful Pixels. It is a simple site that features exceptional content related to apps, in the form of links to new app releases, notable updates to existing apps, price drops or apps on sale, links to interesting product announcements or articles from app developers, quotes & other miscellaneous content that you might typically be interested in, if you’re interested in apps.

The Platter originally began as a weekly series of posts on Beautiful Pixels and our goal from the very beginning has been to bring our readers all the interesting news and content from world of apps. With this website, we’ll keep you updated with everything that you should know about w.r.t apps for your iOS or Android device.

Moving to a standalone website like this one allows us to post a lot more frequently and does not limit us to a once-a-week schedule.

If you have any kind of feedback, we’d love to hear about it.