Advertising & Sponsorship

The Platter is run by iXyr Media — the same folks who run Beautiful Pixels and Nuclear Bits.

As publishers, it has been our belief (and stringent policy) that advertising should be:

  1. Relevant
  2. Minimal and Clutter-free
  3. Separate from the site’s content (so the reading experience is not hampered)

The websites in our network follow the same standard. We strive to have very minimal advertising on our websites — in fact, we have had only one ad running on our sites over the last few years.

Advertising on The Platter

We offer a single and exclusive ad spot on The Platter. This ad spot includes a 130×100 banner image and up to 80 characters of text. We only accept advertisers with products that are relevant to our audience and something that we ourselves would want to recommend.

If you’re interested in advertising on The Platter, send us an email to [email protected]


A sponsorship is our recommend way of promoting your product/service on The Platter. Our sponsorships are weekly and exclusive.

When you book a sponsorship, here is what you get:

— A sponsored article will be posted on the site and served to our RSS & Twitter feeds. This content will live in the site’s archives forever.
— A link to your product/service will be displayed at the top of the site, just under the logo.
— A thank-you article will be posted at the end of the week, and also served to our RSS & Twitter feeds.

If you’re interested in sponsoring The Platter, kindly email Preshit at [email protected]