I _love_ Google Photos and the simplicity of it. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t choose to go with 16GB base models for the upcoming iPhone 7.

HERE, the company that was sold off by Nokia to a consortium of automotive companies Audi, BMW, and Daimler last year, has just released Version 2.0 of their HERE Maps iPhone app on the App Store. The app has now been renamed to HERE WeGo instead, and the release notes say:

a new look and new ways to get around. We’ve bikes, taxis, and car sharing — along with all kinds of rich information to help you out, like taxi and ticket prices. It’s faster to find routes, faster to compare them and faster to get you moving. HERE WeGo: give it a spin!

You can get the app for Free on the App Store.

VSCO Discontinues its Sync Feature

VSCO has today announced that it will be discontinuing the popular Sync feature in the app that allows you to sync photos across multiple devices. Thank you for being a part of the VSCO community. … Read more →

Evernote Announces Changes to its Pricing Plans; Limits Free Plan to 2 Devices

Evernote has today announced some major changes to its pricing plans for its customers. The company has raised the costs of its Plus and Premium plans, while adding restrictions to its Free plan. Announcing the … Read more →

Netflix for iOS has just been updated to Version 8.7.0 on the App Store, which adds one much requested feature — Picture in Picture (PIP) for iOS 9. All compatible iPads running iOS 9.3.2 or later will be able to watch Netflix in a small window.

This release also includes Stability Improvements and Bug Fixes.

Netflix is available for Free on the App Store.

Pythonista 3 for iOS is Now Available on the App Store

Pythonista has been one of the most striking iOS apps available on the App Store in recent times. It is an incredibly powerful app that offers a complete Python scripting environment for you to work … Read more →

A mere 5 days before the start of WWDC 2016, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, sat down for an interview with a few media outlets to talk about some major changes coming to the App Store. The upcoming changes would essentially be changing a lot of things about the App Store as we know it, in favor of the developers. More importantly, the changes announced are very likely to change the app economics.

Lauren Goode, reporting for The Verge, writes:

[…] Apple would soon alter its revenue-sharing model for apps. While the well-known 70 / 30 split will remain, developers who are able to maintain a subscription with a customer longer than a year will see Apple’s cut drop down to 15 percent. The option to sell subscriptions will also be available to all developers instead of just a few kinds of apps.


Apple is also going to start showing search ads for apps in its iOS App Store search results for the first time, something the company had previously resisted. “We’ve thought about how to carefully do it in a way that, first and foremost, customers will be happy with,” Schiller says, adding that he believes the ad auction system in App Store search will be “fair to developers, and fair for indie developers, too.”


Finally, Schiller says that the App Store has been speeding up app review times — to the point where 50 percent of submitted apps are now reviewed in 24 hours, and 90 percent are reviewed within 48 hours.

It’s interesting that Apple decided to talk to the media five days before the WWDC. We’re not even more excited to know what they have in store for the actual keynote and in the sessions that follow.


Camera+ for iPhone has today been updated to version 8.0 that introduces some really fantastic features to the already great camera app.

Slow Shutter — This feature allows you to shoot photos with effective shutter speeds as long as 30 seconds, as long as you’re shooting in the manual mode. You need a newer iPhone for this, as it doesn’t support phones like the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c.

Ultra-low ISO — With this feature, you can set extremely low ISO values for your photos, which is great especially if you are using the above mentioned Slow-shutter feature. With this, you don’t have to worry about overexposed photos any more.

Action Extension — A bit late to the party, but Camera+ now offers an Action Extension in the iOS share sheet so you can send photos from any app directly into Camera+. Quite nifty.

New Import Options — Camera+ now offers a bunch of different ways in which you can import photos into your Lightbox, including a fancy Today widget in the Notification Center.

This is a Free update to existing users and Camera+ is available for $2.99 on the App Store.