Flume for Mac’s Future Plans

A few days ago, Instagram updated their Platform Policy, the terms that govern the use of its API. The new changes introduced essentially kill all 3rd party apps that display the Instagram feed. This change was going to directly affect Flume for Mac, a lovely Instagram app that we wrote about on Beautiful Pixels just a few weeks ago.

The folks behind Flume have posted an update on their blog about their future plans:

While this is greatly disappointing news, we would like to be open about the future of Flume.
— Flume New Tab and Flume for Mac will continue to operate with Instagram support until June 2016.
— We will continue to support Flume New Tab and Flume for Mac with maintenance updates.

That’s definitely comforting, especially if you’ve recently bought the app. Additionally,

We originally set out to make Flume the most beautiful Instagram experience for your Mac, but always left the door open for supporting other popular photo social networks. Over the coming weeks we will be assessing adding support for EyeEm, 500px, and Flickr.

I’d love to use Flume to browse my 500px feed.

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