Evernote Now Offers Discounted INR Pricing for Customers in India

Evernote users from India have reasons to rejoice now. The service that currently offers three account levels — Basic, Plus and Premium has announced INR Pricing for its customers in India.

Evernote INR Pricing

Announced earlier this month, Evernote is now offering its Plus and Premium plans not just in INR, but also at discounted pricing that is better suited for the Indian audience. Evernote Plus is available at INR 850 per year whereas Evernote Premium is available at INR 1500 per year. Monthly options are available too, with Evernote Plus @ INR 120 per month and Evernote Premium @ INR 190 per month.

Right now, you must use a Visa or MasterCard credit card to enjoy these prices, but the company says that other payment options will be introduced soon.

You can sign up for Evernote and enjoy a Free trial of the service as well.

While this is surely a welcome move, I do believe that this is way too late. Many people I know are already ditching evernote for other alternatives and I personally have been unhappy with the direction that company has been taking recently, which has turned the product into a convoluted mess.

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